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Boss Braids




10 weeks


About the Course

The Boss Braids package is perfect for those looking to start up their own braiding business, or develop their skills for an existing business.

In this course, you will have access to in-depth, complex braiding tutorials, basic business tips and tricks, information and guidance on how to start your braiding business, as well as tutorials on:

  • Content creation

  • Marketing and advertisement

  • Building clientele

  • Booking systems

  • Essentials for your braiding business

You will also have unlimited access to support, guidance and advice. Our team will remain in contact with you, sharing your work and achivements on our social media (with your permission).

Your Instructor

TBraidz Academy

TBraidz Academy

Tasha Moila is a Senior Hair Braider and Founder of TBraidz Academy. Through this course, Tasha will walk you through the fundamentals of braiding, as well as exclusive TBraidz tips and tricks.

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