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about our Academy.

TBraidz Hair Braiding

TBraidz is a local, small business based in Belmore, NSW 2192. We provide braiding services on all styles for men, women and children, and also partake in multiple events and festivals throughout the year. 

TBraidz Academy is a branch from this, providing educational and coaching services for all experience levels. 

Our mission is to advance and expand the braiding industry, cultivating new employees with refined skills and training, and to maintain and promote the African culture that flows through this craft.


I Can't Braid At All. Can I Still Enrol?

Anyone and everyone can enrol in our Academy Courses! Whether you are a:

  • Young person looking to become a braider 

  • Single parent/Parent looking to learn for their children 

  • Teenager/Kids looking to learn a new skill 

  • Hairdresser/Beautician looking to expand their services 

  • Existing braider looking to gain further experience and education


All courses offered are tailored to a skill set. When choosing your course, please keep in mind that your skill level and knowledge will determine which course is suitable for you. 


Which Course Should I Choose?

Beginner Course

The Level Up

This course is for individuals with basic braiding experience. You will learn how to braid with extensions, and intermediate skills and techniques.

Boss Braider

This course is for individuals who are comfortable braiding with and without extensions, and who wish to further refine and perfect their skills. Suitable for those who wish to service braids or become a braider.


This course is for individuals with little to no experience braiding. Courses will cover basic braiding terminology and a step-by-step tutorial on basic braids. 


What Opportunities Can You Get As A Braider?

As a professional braider, you may receive opportunities to work at:

  • Salons

  • Events and Festivals 

  • Music Videos or Photoshoots

  • TV shows/Movies 

  • Sport Days/Events 

& much more. 

As braiding is a niche skill, there will always be a high demand for it, especially with the rise of different styles, extension colours and creative freedom. As a braider, you will gain opportunities to work in a vast array of settings, all of which are exciting, fun and different every time! 

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