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TBraidz Academy offers a range of resources for a variety of audiences and purposes. Choose your course and begin today!

We are currently offering the following 1:1 coaching services. Please read carefully and choose the course that best suits your braiding ability. 

1:1 Single Sessions

  • 1hr duration

  • These are ONE TIME coaching sessions

  • Beginner: Learn 2 braids with NO extensions in a step-by-step approach.

  • Intermediate: Learn 2 braids WITH extensions in a step-by-step approach. 

1:1 Recurring Sessions

  • 1 hr duration each session

  • These are 5 COACHING SESSIONS, once a fortnight. 

  • Payment Plan: $150 for your first session, then $70 for every session after. 

  • Upfront Payment: One-time payment at checkout of $500

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For our Sister Industry, TBraidz Academy is proud to offer The Salon Intensive course. 
We understand that there is limited education in hairdressing courses for braiding techniques. While we are working to change that on a larger scale, this Intensive will provide you on the basics of braiding and some ideas you can implement in your own salon. 

Salon Intensive Manual 

Our Intensive Manual is a comprehensive manual that takes a step-by-step approach to various braiding styles, some of which can be coupled with straightening or curled styles for your salon. ​


The manual also includes: 

  • Exclusive TBraidz Academy braiding techniques 

  • Vendor List 

  • Salon-appropriate braid styles 

  • Braid Start-Up information

The Salon Intensive

TBraidz Academy will personally visit your salon to teach a 2hr intensive class. This class is open to all staff at your salon and will provide relevant and in-depth tutorials of various braid styles and techniques. 


Want to work as a braider?

TBraidz Academy prides itself on our approach and standard of braid education. As such, our mission is to encourage and guide potential workers in their journey. 


Upon choosing your course, you will learn directly under TBraidz Academy founder, Tasha Moila, and learn at your own pace. Once you become confident, a spot with TBraidz Hair Braiding will be waiting for you. 

This first step into the industry will alleviate your pressure and fear and hopefully encourage your journey in an effective and supported way.



Contact us below to inquire! 

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