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The Salon Intensive

TBraidz Academy is proud to present our Salon Intensive.

These resources are intended for businesses or individuals already in the hair industry, who wish to start servicing braid styles.


Choose between our Salon Intensive Manual or pre-order our Salon Intensive Manual today. 

You will be the first to receive it upon launch.

The Salon Intensive

TBraidz Academy will personally visit your salon to provide an education day for your staff. 

We understand that there is little to no education provided on braids, especially among Hairdresser courses and apprenticeships. For this reason, our Academy has devised as specific course tailored to hairdressers.

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What does the Salon Intensive consist of?

TBraidz Academy will liaise with the salon owner to formulate a tailored, relevant and appropriate lesson plan. 

The overall curriculum consists of the following techniques and skills:

  • Understanding and consulting various hair types 

  • Sectioning and preparing hair for braiding 

  • Applying and discerning between various braiding products 

  • Step-by-step guidance on how to braid (cornrow style)

  • Basic introduction to braiding with extension hair 

  • Hand placement and techniques for various braid styles

  • Consultation and after-care hair tricks

Your salon will notify TBraidz Academy on the skills you wish to focus on, and we will create a custom lesson plan for your Intensive. 


The Salon Manual 

The Salon Manual is a resource offered by TBraidz Academy that illustrates a comprehensive approach to hair braiding. All information contained in the manual is relevant, appropriate and imperative to all individuals who wish to offer braids as a service, including the cultural history of braiding, a list of vendors and hair care in the before, during and after phases. 

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