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Starting your own business?

Starting your own braiding business is difficult!

The beauty industry is incredibly fluid and unpredictable. There are a range of tools that you will need in order to successfully launch your business. 

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Benefits of starting your own braiding business?


As a braider, you will work in a variety of settings and with a variety of clients. Depending on your business direction, you have the potential to braid at festivals, events, parties, for movies or TV sets, photoshoots and so forth. Braids are quickly becoming a must-have and EVERYONE wants it these days!


Business Potential

Among today's society and trends, braids can be found almost everywhere!

Starting a braiding business has never been easier: Whether you choose to niche local clients, festival clients or high-end clients, there is so much potential for work. 


Creative Ability

As a braider, you will have A LOT of creative control. In itself, the hairstyle is creative. However, as a braider you will have opportunity to express your own styles and take your business in a direction YOU feel comfortable with.


Monetary Benefits

In a monopolised sense, braiding is still a very new industry. Since 2022 alone, the Hairdressing and Beauty Services industry has already increased 3.9%. With such a big gap in the market and so much potential to explore, there has never been a better time to become a braider!


Flexible Work Schedule

As like any business you start, you choose when you work!

Whether this is a side hustle for you or a full time dream, you can work as much or as little as you like.

Want a free consultation?

TBraidz Academy is a proud supporter of local businesses,

We want nothing more than to support you in your braiding journey. 

Click here to schedule a consultation and speak with our team about ways we can help your business come to life!

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